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released 17 February 2014



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Track Name: Cum Gums

cum gums

as long as her mouth's filled with my meat
her gagging is a nice extra treat
she's still searching for a way to breathe
and I don't like it when I feel her teeth

cum gums

at some point my balls ’ll hit her chin
that's the cue for her to breathe in
she better not bite down on my pride
I'm a fan of the ultra smooth slide
so when you've got to lay down the law
hit her but don't dislocate her jaw
I smash out her teeth with a single blow
her gums await that milky white glow

cum gums
Track Name: Daddy's Little Whore

I would never have guessed before
how you turned out to be such a whore

daddy's little whore

gagging on cock go wild be free
snorting that cum be all you can be

be all you can be
daddy's little whore

after a load apply lipstick
and squeeze those tits for the next dick
because make no mistake you bitch
it's time for you to make us rich
Track Name: Fisted Sister

ride to live - live to ride
I wanna fuck - fist and slide !
bad boys - out to destroy
your sister we'll enjoy !

and my dick – he still yearns
even when – the rash still burns
you just can't - stop cock and balls
and she sure did deck the halls

she blew my cock and fuse
her snatch is now torn loose
we are the ones to blame
and my fist feels no shame

we're not gonna take her

time to say - we've had enough
she's a sucker - for tough love
your sister - wants what we got
may she burn in hell and rot !

you can't run – the tits are back
already bouncin’ – on my sack
it 's the price - we have to pay
when she comes out to play

I am and I'm me
but I just can't stay horny
I'd rather have my pole
cumshower in a gloryhole

we're not gonna take her
Track Name: All Out Of Lube

here we go again
lost count after five
pornstars and friends
collegues, your wife
bored out of my mind
I got too much time
the right hand path
is becoming a climb

and I am all out of lube

balls are empty
nothing left to spray
but something tells me
it's gonna be a long day
wrist starts to hurt
muscles cramp up
another release
but there is no pop

and I am all out of lube

at it again
dick desert dry
a tear with every pull
one gaping red eye
painful friction
sick masturbation
skin deteriorates
self mutilation

and I am all out of lube

some might say
that's tough selflove
to me it's just
another dayoff